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Historical perspective[ edit ] Pioneer and native coexistence[ edit ] At the beginning of recorded American history, the Harrisburg area was inhabited by several Algonquian tribes, including the Shawnee and Piankashawwho lived in the dense inland forests. Prior to the arrival of European settlers, the Piankashaw tribe was driven out by the more aggressive Shawnee. European settlement in Illinois began with the French from and reached its peak aboutmainly along the Mississippi River.

American settlers arrived in The French came as merchants and missionaries, with farming supplementing the need for trade. The result had benefited both the settlers and the Native Americans. The American migration, however, followed treaties which resulted in land being distributed through American Lawignoring previous indigenous rights.

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Encroachment ensued and caused hard feelings between the Indians and the settlers who moved into the interior and along migration routes. Many of the Indians allied themselves with the British to resist, though trade with the Americans was an important reason why the Native Americans remained largely peaceful.

Prior to the War ofmost of the population of today's Saline County lived in cabins clustered around blockhouses to protect against Indian attack and dangerous wildlife such as wild cats and bears.

Permanent settlements in the forested area were inevitable with the influx of more settlers, and the first land entry was made in by John Wren and Hankerson Rude.

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By the settlers outnumbered the Native Americans, and most of the black bear population of the county had been killed off by The city was named for James Alexander Harris, who had built a farmhouse and planted a corn field in a clearing in the area of the current city square around Yandell, and John X. Cain, donated land for the first additions of the town to a special committee at Liberty Baptist Church inafter complaints that the county seat should be centralized in the county.

The county seat then was in Raleigh. The county's two main population centers were divided by the Saline River and 14 miles 23 km of thicket. There were no roads in the county and many residents from the areas of Carrier Mills and Stonefort became lost when traveling to the northern settlements of RaleighGalatiaand Eldorado.

The designated town plat was considered due to its aesthetic properties, a foot 18 m sandstone bluff overlooking the Saline River valley called "Crusoe's Island".

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Although it was heavily timbered with oak and hickory with an impenetrable hazel underbrush, the site was at the geographical center of the county.

A major legal battle took place within the county government because of voter fraud accusations by the people of Raleigh. Between and southern cotton became unavailable during the Civil WarHarrisburg was one of the few cities in the Upland South during this time to have woolen mills, making the town an industrial asset early on to Southern Illinois.

Several planing mills and flour mills also dotted the city. Harrisburg also saw the opening of several saw mills.

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B Ford Harrisburg Planing Mill the same year. The mill had the capacity of producing 10, board feet The Barnes Lumber Company in Harrisburg started as a sawmill operation in Since it has retailed a complete line of lumber and building materials and is the oldest, currently active mill in the city.

West side of square in The Woolcott Milling Company, operated by J. H Woolcott and J. C Wilson mt vernon illinois fogyás a flour mill inon the now defunct south Woolcott Street, with rail spurbehind the current Parker Plaza, that had 23 grain elevators and the capacity of carrying out barrels of flour in a hour period and up to bywith a new 75,US-bushel 2, L tower.

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The exchange market was located in Carrier Mills. Their milling capacity was six hundred barrels per day. Twenty-five men were employed mt vernon illinois fogyás the operations of the mill and elevators, in addition to a force of from six to eight men regularly employed in the cooperage department. During the Reconstruction Erawhen economic conditions made impractical the growing of cotton, lumbering and tobacco growing which pioneers found profitable commerciallygrain farming by crop rotation, dairying, reforestation, merchandising and manufacturing, and Coal mining especially, began to occupy the city.

It adopted the commission form in Interurban in red. First slope mine operations began in southeast of Harrisburg.

During the early years, the coal was transported by wagon to local homes and businesses for heating. Coal Mining became an important industry for the post- Antebellumnow Gilded Age city. Louis Railway aroundwith Illinois state representative Charles P Skaggs as mayor, [14] Harrisburg evolved into one of the leading coal-mining centers of the Midwest. Each one with their own sizable rail yards. O'gara of Chicago.

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He purchased and annexed 23 privately owned mines in the Harrisburg coal field which equaled 50, acres  km2 of land. O'gara only owned 12 operating mines, all in Saline County, but they had an annual output of 7, tons.

Thomas was the company's general manager of mines, Ed Ghent its chief engineer and D. McGehee the assistant general manager. Powered the trolley line.

Inset:Streetcar ticket from Eldorado to Harrisburg.

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Byseveral small slope mines and 15 shaft mines operated in the county. Most were along the railroad line. Large numbers of immigrants from England, Wales, and eastern Europe, looking for work, detrained at the Harrisburg Train Depot; crowding around quickly expanding mining villages directly outside the city, such as MuddyWassonHarco and Ledford. The city's population quickly expanded from 5, to 10, mt vernon illinois fogyás a few years.

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The corporation erected the first electrical generating plant in Muddy, Illinois. It had a generating capacity of 7, kilowatts. After removing an original 2,kilowatt unit, the company added two 5,kilowatt turbine-generators and one 10, kilowatt unit, bringing the stations total capacity to 25, kilowatts in Electricity generated at the station was distributed over kv, double circuit steel tower transmission lines extending to West Frankfort to the west, the Ohio River to the east, and Olney to the north.

The plant had two impounding reservoirs which covered 80 acres , m2 and held million gallons of water.

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The community benefited from the prosperity of the Roaring Twentiesflaunting the most extravagant displays of wealth in the city's history. The new four-story Harrisburg City Hall building was constructed inand a complex highway system was constructed through the city, with Illinois Route 13 and Illinois Route 34 constructed in ; U. Route 45 and Illinois Route constructed in — During this time the city expanded to 15, people.

The annexation of Dorrisville and Dorris Heights created blue collar, multiple, and single family homes filling in between. For a time, the gangster's prized Tommy gun was displayed in a glass case in the City Fogyni Tinával. The field completely encased the towns of Carrier Mills and Harrisburg, while creating partial borders to Stonefort, Galatia, and Raleigh.

Near the mines were gob piles that spontaneously combusted. The mt vernon illinois fogyás around the city for many years flickered with burning coal refuse.

If the city combined the service communities bordering Harrisburg such as Ledford and Muddythe population would have been even greater at 26, and Saline County as a whole reached nearly 40, people.

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On June 17,Eleanor Roosevelt visited Harrisburg to observe work of the WPA and delivered a speech in the packed high school gymnasium. Inthe state of Illinois had completed one of the largest operations of its kind ever attempted in the United States, the removal of more than two and a half billion gallons of flood water from Sahara mine No.

The inter-urban line was abandoned in after 20 years of service.

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The war created a great demand for energy, which was satisfied by expanded strip mining operations throughout the Harrisburg Coal Fields. Shortly after World War II, it became clear that coal was losing favor to other energy sources such as oil and natural gas.